Women’s & Diversity Initiative

The TFG Women’s & Diversity Initiative, founded by past 2018 President Elizabeth Clarkson, aims to make TFG more inclusive to students of all backgrounds, regardless of financial experience. Our initiative is three-pronged and emphasizes the importance of mentorship, accessible lectures, and diversity panels. In the past year, TFG has hosted a Women’s Panel, featuring women alumnae in senior leadership roles at their financial institutions as well as a Diversity Internship Panel designed to introduce students to the opportunities available to them outside of traditional recruiting. Our plans this semester include onsite visits at Boston firms to hear about their unique diversity programs. Next semester, we will host a trip to New York focused exclusively on women and diversity.

To learn more about this initiative, feel free to reach out to:

Jillian Kleiner - jillian.kleiner@tufts.edu

Izzy Ma - yiyun.ma@tufts.edu

Elizabeth Clarkson - elizabeth.clarkson@tufts.edu